Talking to Your Kids About Going Maskless at School

If your school district is ending its mask mandate, here’s what you need to know. by Nicole Dieker August 09, 2022 | Wellness Many school districts are ending their mask mandate for the 2022-2023 school year—and although these policies may change as the school year progresses, it’s probably time to ask yourself how to talk […]

Can Little Things Improve Your Fitness?

We asked a fitness expert, and her answer could help you improve your overall health. by Michael Davis August 08, 2022 | Wellness Anyone who eats fruit and is more than 30-years-old knows that an apple a day will not, in fact, keep the doctor away. That said, you might have wondered: Could small behavioral […]

QA – Sproutt

Full-time, maternity leave replacement About Sproutt Sproutt is a new kind of life insurance distributor that is transforming how life insurance is sold. Our platform takes the complexity out of selling life insurance and provides agents and consumers with a modern digital experience. Sproutt offers both term and permanent life insurance from highly rated insurance […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Combining Finances With Your Partner

Not looking forward to the “money talk” with your partner? There are no set rules, but here are some tips to make the transition easier. by Tom Anderson August 03, 2022 | Money The percentage of adults cohabitating with their partners is on the rise. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner can be tough. […]

5 Questions Newlyweds Have About Life Insurance – Life Happens

Many exciting elements make up life as a newlywed, especially when you’re just coming off the thrill of a wedding and honeymoon. You may be looking forward to settling into a new routine, while simultaneously that there are certain plans aware you need to make together for the future. Although it may not be the […]

How to Plan a Funeral on a Budget

Lantern specializes in pre-planning and after-loss services, providing guidance and support for navigating life before and after a death. For eligible Haven Term policyholders, a full pre-plan premium membership and one-on-one post-loss consultation services are available at no cost through the Haven Life Plus rider, a suite of bonus services. Learn more here. Disclaimer: Burial, […]

Six Ways To Make Time For A Daily Workout

We all get the same amount of hours in a day, yet for some people it seems easier to find time to work out, whereas others find it impossible. And there are good reasons for that — work, family, and other obligations eat away those precious minutes and hours. That said, if you’re in the […]

Should You Schedule It Strategically?

Although some life insurance products, including Haven Simple by Haven Life, can be purchased without a medical exam, if you’re in good health it’s often worth applying for a medically-underwritten one that requires a paramedical exam anyway to get the best possible rates . (Why is that? Life insurers want certainty where they can find […]

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