Nonprofit Website Trends [PODCAST]

Top trends for great nonprofit websites, including a “quick win.” Cliff shares three attributes that all great nonprofit websites should feature: Accessible, inclusive content Lack of friction Relevant imagery (It’s a quick win!) While making your site fully accessible might take time and strategy, ensuring the imagery you use is aesthetically pleasing is an easy […]

Simple Strategies to Create a Merry Year End

Seasons Giving: 7 Simple Strategies to Create a Very Merry Year End! “To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. . . .” A time. . . . To go back-to-school. To watch Football. A time. . . For warm Sweaters and crackling fires. For everything Pumpkin Spice. […]

Rethinking How to Assess Impact

Traditionally, we think of impact as, “For X cost, the organization will serve Y number of people in Z amount of time to create A, B, C outcomes using D, E, F strategies.” While these statements provide an organized promise of future success, each element is rife with uncertainty and assumptions while the whole process […]

Meet Our Charity of the Year Finalists

The JustGiving Awards are back, and we can’t wait to celebrate the resilience and brilliance of our three Charity of the Year finalists with you. We caught up with them earlier this week to find out exactly what being nominated for Charity of the Year means to them – and ask them a little more […]

4 Times Churches Should Use Waivers

Churches are home to fantastic communities and act as gathering places for children, parents, family, and friends. Now that churches are able to cultivate a community in-person once more, it’s important that you continue to take precautions while you plan events. One of the easiest ways to foster a culture of safety at your church […]

What’s Participation Got to Do with It?

In philanthropy, democracy, there is often no way for people to participate–to share what they think or to influence decisions. People impacted by the grants typically have no say in who gets the funding, for what, how much, and for how long. Those at the top decide. In recent years, that model is being challenged. […]

6 Common Challenges with Marketing and How To Solve Them

Finding new ways to reach and engage donors is a continual challenge for nonprofit marketing professionals. Effective marketing requires being creative, staying aware of ongoing trends, and navigating obstacles efficacy. Of course, there are still several common challenges that most nonprofits’ marketing strategies will encounter. Facing challenges is a normal part of the marketing process, […]

4 Member Engagement Mistakes to Avoid

Member engagement initiatives ensure your association’s members continue to attend your events and engage with your activities. But getting your engagement strategy right can be hugely challenging, especially as there are multiple ways for you to engage members. Unsurprisingly, it can be hard to determine which ways are a fit. It’s even harder to avoid […]

How Ambassadors Can Further Your Recurring Giving Programs

Whether it be the latest TikTok dance, Instagram live conversation, or a Facebook Challenge, influencers everywhere are taking to their chosen social media platforms to highlight brand partnerships. Skilled influencers have their own style and can easily incorporate either products or brand ideas into their usual content to captivate and inform their audience. Ambassadors can […]

5 Free Tools for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit is looking for ways to streamline projects while you grow awareness for your mission, you’re not alone. Nonprofits of all sizes often struggle with not having enough hands on deck to complete large projects and handle all sides of communication. Since your organization runs on charitable donations, you’ll naturally want to lower […]

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