Can fraudulent advertisements lead to a defective product claim?

Under California law, a manufacturer, and therefore all those involved in the marketing chain, of a product are legally responsible for any damage or injury caused by defective products. Additionally, the California Business and Professions Code statutes prohibit the use of false or misleading advertising about the nature of a product or service. This includes […]

Smoothing Nonprofit Turnover Transitions – Nonprofit Hub

Employee turnover is an inevitable part of running a business. People move on for a variety of reasons. Still, no matter the situation, these events can significantly impact every organization and the remaining employees who shoulder this burden. Without a transition strategy, a teammate’s exit can leave a hole in your organization. This can cause […]

Affordable Financial Security – Life Happens

As Hispanic Heritage Month unfolds, we feel it’s important to ensure that the Hispanic community understands and takes full advantage of the financial tools that can help safeguard their families’ financial well-being. A key piece in that financial toolkit is life insurance. And here’s why: It’s often overlooked. Most people don’t think—or want to think—about […]

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