Straight from the Grant Writing Expert [PODCAST]

Grants are not an immediate, easy solution (startup grants are not a reality) Grants are a long game, and the best grant programs build around a strategy. We would never expect an investor to invest in a startup business with no business plan or track record, right? So, why do we expect foundations to invest […]

A Proven Fundraising Email Template [GUIDE]

9 Proven Strategies to Write More Effective Fundraising Emails This fundraising email template will be your solution. Writing emails is difficult. That’s why it’s crucial to lean into the data to tell you what will work better in your email appeals to bring more donations to your organization and build lasting donor relationships. This email […]

How Much Goes in My Pocket in a Personal Injury Case

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, you may be wondering how much goes in your pocket if the case settles. Typically, the answer depends on how much was spent to get to a settlement in your case. Costs related to your claim include attorney’s fees, case costs, medical liens and expenses. These […]

The goofy cartoon character who can transform your life [Book Review]

Book review: Creative Deviations by John Lepp. Take a good look at this simple cartoon character. You may be about to learn the most important lesson about fundraising you can ever learn from this fellow. It”sa googly-eyed grinning person in the shape of a blue heart. Blue. Who happens to be holding a red heart. […]

Mobile Optimization: 5 Reasons it Matters for Nonprofits

You’ve heard it time and time again: optimizing your website for mobile devices is crucial. Your website goals probably include engaging with donors, volunteers, and other supporters, and encouraging them to stay involved for the long term. A mobile-optimized website can support these goals and help you drive more online traffic. Specifically, we’re going to […]

London Marathon Runners: Win a £500 donation to your page!

Are any of your supporters running the 2022 London Marathon on your behalf? If the answer is yes, we’re running a competition you should know about. People raising money on JustGiving as part of the London Marathon could be in with the chance of winning one of three £500 donations to their JustGiving page. Every […]

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Flooding?

The best time to get protection against a flood is before it happens. That means if you keep anything in a basement or live on the ground floor, it’s important to have flood insurance. However, many properties that should have flood insurance do not. A flood insurance policy is separate from a standard homeowners insurance […]

Can I Sue the Car Company If Airbags Did Not Deploy?

According to information given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an air bag can inflate in less than 1/20 of a second. Between 1987 and 2017, these bags saved more than 50,000 lives. But what if your airbags don’t deploy during a traffic accident? If your airbags failed to function during an accident, you […]

Empathy and Experimentation in Collaborative Grantmaking

Years ago, I worked on a project where I was hired to interview about 75 different foundations in one state. These included all types of foundations, large to small, family-run, disease-related, corporate-operated. Do you know the one thing that nearly every foundation representative shared? Somewhere in the interview, they said, “We are unique.” Some would […]

Is anything scarier than a new nonprofit CRM?

Is anything scarier than a new nonprofit CRM? Nonprofits have plenty on their plates. You might be doing everything from planning fundraising events and managing supporters to launch campaigns. Sound familiar? And as if that isn’t enough, the burden of the pandemic has been forcing mission-driven organizations to think creatively of new ways to engage […]

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