Inspiration and Advice for a New (Fiscal) Year

July 1st is the “New Year” for many nonprofits. New fiscal Year, that is! No matter how well the past year’s fundraising was, today is the day you start back at zero. Again. So I asked some of the top experts in the field what they advise to give to nonprofit leaders and fundraisers starting […]

Car accidents on roads under construction

Road construction accidents can be hazardous for both drivers and construction crew members. Drivers must pay close attention to work zone signs, including speed limits or potential road hazards, to avoid potential accidents and injuries. It is important to know how this type of situation is legally handled. All 50 states have a passing law […]

Are Driver-Assistance Cars Safe? – FindLaw

On June 15, a federal agency released the first-ever reports measuring car accidents involving driver-assistance technology. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provided firm numbers —392 accidents involving vehicles with drivers and another 130 with driverless vehicles — over a 10-month period. But instead of providing answers about the safety of the technology, the […]

How Nonprofits Can Get the Most Out of Contactless Fundraising Technology

Technology is undoubtedly one of the most exciting areas of growth for nonprofits and charities. Rather than simply shaking a plastic bucket, fundraisers have the tools at their disposal to engage donors and ensure the most returns on their initial investment. A fantastic example of these kinds of tools is contactless payment technology. While it’s […]

2022 Financial Goals: Your Mid-Year Check-In

The year may be half over, but there’s still plenty of time to work toward your 2022 financial goals. There’s also time to change direction and start working toward something new. by Nicole Dieker June 29, 2022 | Money Believe it or not, 2022 is half over—and whether you’re spending your summer vacationing with your […]

10 Steps for Creating a Smart End-of-Life Plan – Life Happens

End-of-life planning sounds like something you would do, well, toward the end of your life. But the reality is that no one knows what tomorrow will bring. If the worst were to happen, would your family know what bills were due and where to pay them? Would your spouse know where to find your life […]

Make Pet Ownership Less Hard With Haven Life Plus

Many pet owners think of their furry friends as bundles of pure love. But this love, like all the other kinds, requires work. (Sorry to break it to you.) So while pet ownership can be hard, whether your chosen companion is a quarantine puppy, an ancient cat or a pot-bellied pig, we’re here to help. […]

The Best and Worst States to be a Dentist, Doctor, or Lawyer

DISABILITY INSURANCE FAQs Get Answers to Your Disability Insurance Questions and Get Your Free Quote Today! GET QUOTE NOW! After you’ve spent numerous years in college, passed your exams, and then interned in your chosen profession, your eyes will likely open and the doubt will set in. However, your doubts and frustration may likely result […]

Introducing Mitch Ocampo, the new Head of Haven Life

At Haven Life, we have two mottos: The first is to make life insurance less hard. We do that through the world’s best customer success team (if we do say so ourselves), behind-the-scenes technology innovations that make applying online a breeze (and so much more), and by hiring people who genuinely care about, well, making […]

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