Product Update: August 2021 | JustGiving Blog

We have some exciting updates to share with you this month, including our ongoing commitment to online security, JustGiving’s expansion overseas, an update to In Memory pages and the latest news about Giving Checkout. Giving Checkout Update We are excited to let you know about the latest update to our free direct giving tool – […]

6 Guidelines for Planning Your Hybrid Silent Auction

When it comes to key fundraising events for your nonprofit, auctions can be a highly effective avenue for increasing donations to your cause. However, when embarking on an auction-planning journey, it helps to have guidance to get started. Karrie Wozniak, CMO at OneCause, outlines six essential tips in this article. Karrie has more than twenty […]

Fundraising Kick: Don’t Grow Weary

This issue of the weekly Fundraising Kick seems to have come at the perfect time for subscribers. So I’m sharing it here as well. Fundraising Kick coaching emails are written for busy nonprofit CEOs and my private coaching clients. The goal is to remind people who have full schedules to keep working on major gifts […]

3 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Nonprofit’s Supporters

Many organizations make the fatal mistake of asking their donors for gifts over and over again without a break for other types of communication. However, when you don’t vary the type of communications and engagement opportunities with your supporters, your donors may start to feel like an ATM, always giving funds but receiving little in […]

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