The Top 5 New Safety Features that Will Prevent Injuries in a Car Accident

Remember when seatbelts and airbags were the beginning and end of car safety features? Though these core components remain critical to car safety, research shows that new driver assistance technologies hold the potential to significantly reduce the number of crashes and save thousands of lives. Most of the new automotive technology addresses the tragic fact […]

How Much Can I Sue for a Dog Bite?

When it comes to a dog bite case, the dog owners will usually be held liable. This means they need to pay for your medical bills. In some extraordinary circumstances, the dog’s owner won’t have to cover these bills and might not be found responsible. A dog owner is held responsible (sometimes called strictly liable) […]

What is a major gift fundraiser to do with all this free time?

For decades, we’ve known that face-to-face meetings were the best way to raise major gifts. Talking directly to people. Taking them on a tour of the project. Being in the same space as the donors. Meeting face-to-face is so important, most major gift officers’ job performance is measured by how many in-person meetings they have, […]

Charity Auctions: 3 Best Practices for Fundraising Success

Charity auctions are some of the most profitable events nonprofits can host. They provide donors with a new way to support your nonprofit and they’re highly cost-effective. Not to mention, they’re incredibly flexible and can be adapted for a variety of audiences and goals. Especially right now in the midst of COVID-19organizations can’t risk losing […]

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