I was Hit by a Car While Riding My Bicycle: Who will Pay My Medical Bills?

If you have been struck and injured by a car while riding your bike, your priority is to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Although some injuries may appear to be minor, symptoms of internal damage and traumatic brain injuries can sometimes appear hours or even days after an accident. Visiting a doctor will […]

Nonprofit Donor Management: 4 Awesome Best Practices

Proper donor management is the key to effective fundraising. When you have accessible data about your donors that is stored well and easy to sift through, your nonprofit will have the tools you need in order to build relationships with those supporters. Relationships, now more than ever, are key to lucrative fundraising strategies. Some donors […]

Can I Suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury while Wearing a Bike Helmet?

In recent years, the NFL has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to settle thousands of player lawsuits, drawing national attention to the link between football and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Yet Bicycling accidents lead to many more TBIs each year than any other sportincluding football, basketball, soccer and hockey. Studies have shown that wearing […]

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