3 ways for board members to fundraise even when stuck at home

The pandemic continues to change the way we’ve always done things.

What if you’re a board member who’s stuck at home? How can you support your nonprofit’s fundraising?

3 Ways to Help Your Nonprofit Fundraise in a Pandemic

People are still being generous. They are still giving to nonprofits. Even in a global with economic disruption.

How can you help them give to your favorite nonprofit?

  1. Keep giving yourself, if you can
    Your giving will help set an amazing example for others. Even if you don’t talk about it, people will know your asking them to give to the nonprofit is based in your own giving.
  2. Share with others that you’re giving
    If you can share, do. Social proof is motivating for others. People find it easier to do things they see people like themselves doing. So if they’ve seen you’ve given, they will be more likely to help too.
  3. Tell you “nonprofit” story
    Even while you’re stuck at home, you can start your “nonprofit” story. Think about your involvement. Being a board member is a big deal. What inspired you to give you time and talent to this nonprofit? Why do you keep giving it? What values ​​connect you to this particular nonprofit?

    As you get clearer on this answer, you’ll be able to help your nonprofit raise even more money.

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More Ways to Help Your Nonprofit Fundraise

These are just three ways. There are at least 18 others in the 21 Ways for Board Members to Engage With Their Nonprofit’s Fundraising.

Of course, “helping out with events” looks drastically different now than it did in January. But most of them you can do when you’re stuck at home observing safe social distancing!

Which ones will you choose?

See all 21 Ways for Board Members to Engage With Their Nonprofit’s Fundraising at https://fundraisingcoach.com/board-fundraising/. And share them with your other board members.

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