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This week, international crowdfunding expert Anita Gallagher came to The Nonprofit Academy to teach us the latest trends on successful crowdfunding.

The shift in messaging may surprise you.

Appealing to the Head or Heart?

For a long time, nonprofit fundraisers have wrestled with whether we should appeal to people’s heads or hearts.

The first inclination is to appeal to the head. Inexperienced fundraisers think this approach makes the most sense. That if you give people enough information, you’ll convince them to give.

It doesn’t work. Awareness is good, but it doesn’t inspire action.

The next inclination is to appeal to the heart. This is better. Human beings make decisions emotionally. Even the most logical people make decisions with emotions. They’re just faster at rationalizing their emotional decisions than the rest of us.

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In crowdfunding, you’re wanting to inspire people to take action now. To pull out their credit card and enter that information on to a giving page.

Identity is the next frontier

As she’s been doing multiple crowdfunding campaigns around the world with Hispanics in Philanthropy and through her participation on the board of Giving Tuesday, Gallagher said the most effective messaging is really to the donor’s identity. Speaking to who she is. What she believes.

Gallagher says in crowdfunding that is what inspires a donor to take action. Better still, it inspires a donor to share with her friends that she’s taken action. She becomes an ambassador, a promoter of your fundraising campaign.

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Crowdfunding Audit

As you look at your past crowdfunding results, try to identify your messaging. Was it focused more on the donor’s head, heart, or her identity?

And experiment with your messaging to see what works best with your audience.

You see, donors don’t join your nonprofit. Donors give to nonprofits that reflect their own values.

Are you letting your donors see their values ​​reflected in your communications?

Gallagher gave so much great information in her training. NPA members can view the entire training and download the slides at: Not a member yet? Join today from just $19!

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