Leadership tensions in fundraising – FundraisingCoach.com

Leaders are an amazing group. They regularly tackle issues no one else is willing to. And, in the midst of being pulled apart by multiple interest groups, they figure out which priorities to focus on. Leadership is not for the faint of heart! Add to that the tensions created in a fundraising context. In a […]

Fundraising in an age of coronavirus (Covid-19)

If you’re one of my private coaching clients, you’ve already heard me ask: What preparations are you making for the possibility that your fundraising event might be canceled due to the coronavirus (now officially called Covid-19)? The numbers of coronavirus seem to still be low outside of China. But reports are that the current total […]

Donor Data: 5 Data Tips for More Efficient Fundraising

Each and every interaction your nonprofit has with supporters comes with a data point. Whether that’s an opened email newsletter, a social media comment, or the Many digital donations made during your year-end fundraiserthese interactions provide a wealth of information. If you’re not leveraging this data for more efficient fundraising, you’re missing out. Donor data […]

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