Create a system for expressing gratitude

Do you have a system for expressing gratitude? For telling your nonprofit’s donors how grateful you are for their support? In my weekly coaching email, Fundraising Kickwe’ve been looking at systems we use in fundraising. Using a system allows you to make a decision one time, rather than needing to make decisions with each and […]

Plaintiffs Look to D.C.’s ‘Lookback Window’ to Broaden Boy Scout Sex Abuse Suits

Many adults who try to achieve justice for being sexually abused as children discover too late that they’ve run out of time to file a claim. In the legal system it’s known as a “statue of limitations,” and it’s at the heart of a novel civil lawsuit that’s been filed in Washington, DC against the […]

5 Ways to Keep Motivation After the Year-End Giving Season

There’s no denying that year-end giving is a powerful force. After all, some reports suggest as much as one-third of all annual giving occurs in December alone! However, once the final numbers are calculated and the year-end campaigns end, what happens then? You’ve just completed a massive campaign, hopefully with massive success as well. The […]

[Guest Post] Expanding Your Money Mindset

Changing the way you think about money is a vital key to becoming successful at fundraising. In this guest post, Andrea Waltz points out an important area for us to address. Andrea is the author of “Go for No! Yes is the destination, No is how you get there” – an important book in helping […]

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