Book review – 10 Simple Fundraising Lessons

One of the joys of being a speaker and executive coach is that people send me their books. I have such a long reading list, that I usually take a long time reading the ones that are sent to me. I’m glad I didn’t wait to read Jim Eskin’s. (It definitely helped that he sent […]

7 Donation Page Strategies That Actually Convert

Over the past few years, charitable giving has evolved with online donations rising as its new star. If you’re not including a digital giving option by now, your organization is almost certainly missing out. According to Nonprofits Source, online giving has seen consistent year over year growth (up over $10 billion since 2012). Further, 54% […]

A surprising way to better fundraising

Improving fundraising is a never-ending quest for nonprofit leaders. But recent research shows a startling discovery on how to make your fundraising better. In “The Wake Up Call,” researchers Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Harriet Day researched styles leadership and their connection to successful fundraising. In the course of their research, they made a remarkable finding: […]

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