Is It Legal for Police to Have Sex With Those in Custody?

Two Pennsylvania lawmakers don’t think it’s right that cops in that state can legally have sex with people in their custody. They’re proposing bills to prohibit it. But before you conclude that Pennsylvania is a weird place for letting their police officers do that, consider this: 31 other states also allow it. We’re talking sensual […]

Get over your discomfort and politely ask for money

I recently tweeted “your discomfort with asking is getting in the way of a donor’s joy in giving. So get out of the way!” (Click here to tweet that.) Since then, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to get over the discomfort! How to politely ask for money Too often, our own […]

Can Video Games Be Addictive? Fortnite Lawsuit Says Yes

We’ve all heard the confessionals by video game players who sacrificed their jobs, their relationships, or their educations to their gaming obsession. But can video games be truly addictive, like drugs? People who have joined a class-action lawsuit against a game company in Canada say yes. The defendant company, Epic Games, is the creator of […]

7 Strategies to Power Your Year-End Fundraising

The final two months of the year is a vital time for nonprofits to reach their fundraising goals. Not only do these months hold the biggest fundraising day of the year for nonprofits (Giving Tuesday), but this trend of increased giving continues through December with one-third of all annual giving occurring in the month, according […]

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