Impact Storytelling – translating data to action

Today I was honored with to give a webinar CiviCore on data and impactful stories. I shared one researcher’s experience with stumbling on to a form of a story. Then look at studies about using statistics in fundraising versus not using any statistics. We saw images that viscerally illustrated the studies’ findings. Then using classic […]

Halloween Safety Tips – FindLaw

For kids, no holiday can match Halloween for pure fun: Scary costumes, trick-or-treating, class parties, trips to haunted houses, and lots and lots of candy. Unfortunately, however, it’s also one of the most dangerous times of the year for kids. While the stories of razor blades in apples or poisonous candy are plenty exceedingly rare, […]

Terrifying Elder Abuse Scheme Exposed at N.C. Nursing Home

Placing a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, whether it is their choice or yours, is almost never easy. It is tough to place your trust in a facility to look after your loved one’s every need — food, shelter, hygiene, medication, and more. Most of us recognize the truly hard […]

[Guest Post] The Recipe for Nonprofit Committee Failure

Today’s guest post is from Kim Donahue. Kim is the resident governance expert at Boardable. In a fun tongue-in-cheek tone, she shares a perfect formula for making sure your board committees don’t work! And she knows. With over 30 years of nonprofit experience, Kim was named one of the “100 Community Heroes” by the United […]

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