Be strategic and curious – not a jerk

Did you read the “Outspoken Donor” article in a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy? I didn’t like it very much. But some of the donor’s experiences with fundraisers are chilling. For example, she says: “Development officers sometimes think that because you gave money to one particular cause, you’re expected to give to something else, too, and […]

Fundraising with an eye to the future

In nonprofit fundraising, the constant pressure to raise more with fewer resources can be so all consuming that we forget to step back and look at future trends. To help us break out of that, we recently had fundraising futurist Trista Harris at The Nonprofit Academy. Having run an endowment through the toughest economic time […]

#GivingTuesday 2019: How to Build A Successful Fundraising Campaign

The holiday season inspires a certain sense of altruism. Around the world, it’s a season of giving thanks ⁠ — and often a time for paying this thankfulness forward, too. No day embodies this more than #GivingTuesday, held on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Inspired by the good done unto them— whether due to a […]

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