What Nonprofit leaders need to know about the brain

Nonprofit work is stressful. So often we go about our work without realizing the effects of that ongoing stress on our brains. But Jessica Sharp does. The founder of Sharp Brain Consulting, Jessica helps leaders and the people they serve. Here she gives insights into what we should know about the brain to help our […]

Giving headlines should grab your attention, but not for the reasons you think

Private coaching clients have been emailing me the doom and gloom articles on the latest Giving USA report. Giving was up about $3 billion but when adjusted for inflation, giving was down in 2018. This should grab our attention. But not for the reasons you think. In answering a coaching client today, I ended up […]

Why you should come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference? Alumni tell you.

Wondering why you should come to this year’s Nonprofit Storytelling Conference? I could share why I think you should. It’s an event like none I’ve ever been able to be part of. But as a co-producer of the conference, you’d expect me to say that. So here are some comments posted just this week from […]

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