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Leading and funding a nonprofit is surprisingly hard. You got into the work to do good. But others don’t see it as quickly as you do. On top of that, nonprofit work can be isolating. As they rise, leaders find fewer and fewer people to confide. And fundraisers? Fundraisers tend to be the only people […]

Why your fundraising stories don’t work

During my time as a leadership and fundraising coaching, I’ve helped thousands of nonprofit leaders clarify their fundraising stories. Nearly all make the same mistake: they forget the audience – the donors. Take hospitals for instance. Have you ever asked hospital leaders and fundraisers what the most important story they should be telling to donors? […]

[Question Marc] What is a good voicemail script for fundraising?

QUESTION: What should I do when I call potential donors but only reach their voicemail? Should I leave a message? If yes, whats a good “script.” MY ANSWER: Great question. Years ago, the norm was to not leave a voicemail the first couple times. Only maybe on the third attempt. But now with caller ID […]

5 Tech Strategies for Making a Multi-Channel Fundraising Ask

You already know the importance of fundraising for your nonprofit. Without financial means, it’s more difficult—or even impossible—to achieve your mission. To get there, you’ll need to perfect the art of making a fundraising ask. That is, the process of soliciting your donors and securing gifts for your cause. But, what is the most effective […]

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