Are you making a specific fundraising offer or reverting to “join us”?

I recently wrote about the importance of your fundraising offer. This post has gotten more response from readers than most. And it’s captured the attention of my private coaching clients so much of them are actively working on being more intentional about crafting offers. Are you educating or engaging? The biggest struggle seems to be […]

Spring Forward With 5 Fundraising Ideas for Savvy Nonprofits

With spring finally here, your organization is likely looking for ways to boost your fundraising efforts to reach new supporters and fund projects crucial to your mission. Whether you’re an experienced fundraiser or are new to the game, you can always use some inspiration to refresh your fundraising ideas and come up with new ways […]

What do you offer? –

Listen to a direct mail specialist like Tom Ahern or Steven Screen talk about fundraising for any length of time and you’ll hear them constantly talking about “offers.” You need clear offers. Test various offers. What is your offer? This can confuse the rest of us. Many of us want to say: “What do you […]

Are you able to sharpen your saw?

I’ve been talking to a lot of amazing nonprofit leaders and staff. Our sector is full of some of the most dedicated people! But dedication seems to go only so far, doesn’t it? With all the hard work, doesn’t it just feel like there’s more to do? In our latest nonprofit leadership research, leaders report […]

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